Running a virtual XP machine in Windows 7

By Tracey Capen

The Windows Secrets Lounge goes well beyond just solving problems.

In the first post listed below, JoeP reports that Win7’s Windows Virtual PC mode no longer requires hardware virtualization, and he provides the links for applying this useful tip.

  • XP mode virtualization change

    Interesting news almost always generates questions, as in this thread started by JoeP. Lounge member Byron Tarbox saw JoeP’s post about a Windows Virtual PC upgrade but ran into installation problems. Fortunately, JoeP had the answer. More»

  • Is there a Quicken substitute?

    Whether to upgrade or try a different brand of software is a question as old as PCs. Lounge member BillWilson asks whether there is an alternative to Quicken, the most-popular consumer financial application. The suggestion from fellow readers is to upgrade what he’s used to. More»

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