Trading privacy for really great tools?

Kathleen Atkins

When you acquire a new device such as a smartphone, it can force a range of other upgrades on you.

After Forum member HealingHands 33 gave up his old Palm T|X, he needed a PC calendar program that synched with his new Android phone calendar.

He resorted to the Lounge for advice. Members made recommendations with qualifications: the marvelous tools you use often come from manufacturers deeply interested in your data. Caveat emptor still applies. More

The following links are this week’s most interesting Lounge threads, including several new questions that you may be able to provide responses to:

Office Applications
General Productivity Want PC calendar program that syncs with Android phone calendar *
Word Processing Trouble with macro to read custom style settings
Spreadsheets Need help with autosort for model-railway timetable Excel spreadsheet
Databases Query for duplicate names where at least one record’s YesNo field is false
Presentation Apps How to copy and paste multiple charts to PowerPoint
Visual Basic for Apps Need program to zip and password-protect files
Microsoft Outlook “None of your e-mail accounts could send to this recipient” error message *
Non-Outlook E-mail Changing the default e-mail
Other MS Apps Windows Live Messenger loading problem
Windows 8 Why Microsoft killed Windows Start button
General Windows Free spellchecker from Microsoft? *
Windows 7 Undoing Win7/XP dual-boot setup
  Search for files by length of path/filename? *
  Have file, but Explorer can’t find it!
Windows Vista Getting “Boot manager is missing” error message
Windows XP Recycle bin problem
Windows Servers Windows Server 2003 sign-in unavailable
Internet Explorer Want to get rid of Bing bar
Third-Party Browsers Twitter and Facebook unavailable in Firefox
Application Servers Exchange 2007 transaction logs not clearing
Networking Need help expanding network
Social Media Google U.K. home page looks odd
Software Development
Windows Programming Cannot paste into picturebox (VB6)
Web Design & Development Clearing cache
Other Technologies
Non-Microsoft OSes iPod Touch: automatically copied on texts?
Security & Backups Need help with Acronis backup error
Hardware External hard drive and USB port *
Graphics/Multimedia iTunes Store question *
Other Applications Using multiple Java instances *

* starred posts: particularly useful

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