When your problem turns out to be a known issue

Kathleen Atkins

Lounge member (and student) bassfisher6522 signed up for the free educational version of Office 365. Using his school email address, he downloaded and installed the suite and began using it.

All was well until one afternoon when Outlook informed him he needed to reactivate his account. It also reported that his sign-up email address did not exist.

When a bewildered bassfisher6522 asked the Microsoft Outlook forum for assistance, a fellow Lounge member redirected him to Microsoft Office 365 support. Microsoft Support informed bassfisher6522 that he was suffering from a known issue — but did not tell him the cause. After a full uninstall/reinstall, Office now works. But bassfisher6522 still wonders: Did changing a black header border to blue break his original installation of Office 365?

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