Who maintains Windows — you or Microsoft?

Kathleen Atkins

Posting in the General Windows forum, Lounge member moon1130 asked for the denial or confirmation of a frequently repeated rumor: that Windows 10 will be automatically replacing Windows 7 and 8.

Nobody (that we know of) from the Windows team at Microsoft stepped forward to settle the question, but certainly Loungers offered theories, based on their experiences with updates and their interpretations of EULAs.

If you want to follow the hot-button question of how much control Windows users have these days over the operating system running on their devices, this would be a good forum to visit.

The following links are this week’s most interesting Lounge threads, including several new questions for which you might have answers:

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Hardware Power down hard drive while watching DVD? *
Other Applications WinZip vs. 7-Zip running on Win10 64-bit version?

* starred posts: particularly useful

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