IE 6 fix is just in time for the New Year

Susan bradley By Susan Bradley

In this special, news-update edition of Patch Watch, I provide help for those of you who are afflicted by crashing in Internet Explorer 6.

Some other things to watch out for are the new service packs for Office 2003 and Office2007, which are bringing trouble with them this holiday season.

MS07-069 (942615)
Internet Explorer 6 issues corrected in patch

For those who use Internet Explorer 6 on XP SP2 machines, you may have found that merely visiting the home page of caused your browser to crash. Dr. Jesper Johansson, who was recently named a security MVP by Microsoft, showcased the crash on his blog on Dec. 19 and provided an early workaround. Microsoft subsequently released its official version of the workaround on Dec. 20 in the form of a patch that’s downloadable via Automatic Updates.

If you’ve experienced this crash, visit Windows Update or download the patch from Knowledge Base article 946627 to fix this issue. Once you install this update to Microsoft’s recent IE cumulative rollup, you should no longer see this problem.

Install problems plague Office 2007 SP1

On Patch Tuesday this month, Dec. 11, the arrival of Service Pack 1 for Office 2007 was confusing to many people. I haven’t yet found any Patch Watch readers whose machines automatically installed SP1. But many people inadvertently installed it and thought it had been auto-installed, because Vista offers SP1 as an optional patch and it’s prechecked, so it’s easy to miss the fact that you’re approving SP1’s installation.

Some people who have the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or Home/Student versions of Office 2007 are finding that they get a cryptic 78F error when they try to install SP1. It appears that the cure for this requires that you uninstall Office and then reinstall it.

As one newsgroup poster pointed out in a forum post, that works only when you have an install disc. If you don’t, you’ll need to contact the OEM manufacturer for a replacement.

Office 2003 SP3 hurts Access, old file formats

If you’ve decided to spend time installing all the latest service packs this holiday season, Office 2003 SP3 is something you should consider — as long as you don’t have an Access 2003 database. Access developers are still recommending that you hold back before installing SP3 for Office 2003.

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