PC Maintenance Guide (e-book)

Simple effective tips for tuning, upgrading, & repairing your Windows PC

PC Maintenance Guide 

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Over the years, Windows Secrets has accumulated a vast amount of information about Windows and Windows-related hardware and software. The PC Maintenance Guide is a concise e-book in which the most essential articles and links are collected into one, easy to use reference – saving you hours of digging through back issues.

The Windows Secrets editors pored through several years of published information and compiled the best tips from Fred Langa and the other Windows Secrets contributors. The guide covers three major categories:

  • Upgrading your system
  • Tuning up/speeding up your PC
  • Emergency troubleshooting

You can read the entire 27 page e-book from front to back, but it’s most useful as a quick-reference guide that you keep at hand.

Happy computing!

Table of Contents

Part 1: Upgrading your system

  • The absolutely safest way to upgrade to Win7
  • An alternative: Install Windows from a USB drive
  • Buying a new system with Windows preinstalled?
  • Seven simple steps for optimizing your new Win7 setup
  • Get rid of the preinstalled junk software
  • Other Upgrade Information

Part 2: Tuning up/speeding up your PC

  • Start with a thorough system checkup
  • Review and update your PC’s security system
  • Give your computer a thorough file cleaning
  • Use disk imaging to preserve your new setup
  • Build a rock-solid safety net with Win7
  • A step-by-step guide for improving boot times
  • Make Internet Explorer 8 faster, better
  • Other tune-up/speed-up information

Part 3: Emergency troubleshooting

  • What to do when your PC gets hosed
  • Resources for solving other issues
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