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For better or worse, more of our daily activities are spent on the Internet. We stay in touch with friends and family, post those fun vacation photos for all to see, check out the latest movies, look up interesting things to buy, and much more.

But we’re also putting more and more sensitive personal information on the Net, such as when we manage our online banking and investments, pay our bills, and purchase those movie tickets with our credit cards. That online activity comes with significant risk — and it’s a threat that’s becoming difficult to counter.

Each of us is now faced with the daunting task of protecting ourselves and our families in the virtual worlds we travel. To make the job a bit easier, the editors of the Windows Secrets Newsletter have compiled some of the best security stories from our archives.

The PC and Internet Security Guide is a concise e-book that provides simple and straight forward advice for secure computing. It’s designed to give you the fundamental tools you’ll need to protect your PC and personal information from most online threats.

Happy and safe computing!

      — The editors of the Windows Secrets Newsletter

Table of Contents

Part 1: Security Basics: Getting a grip on the problem

  • How much security software do you really need?
  • You need these products and services for a safe PC
  • Threats to your privacy and how to defend it
  • Re-examining Facebook personal privacy
  • LizaMoon: anatomy of a malware infection

Part 2: Security software and hardware: What to choose

  • Five small and essential apps to armor your PC
  • Tools for safely removing rogue anti-malware
  • Two great security tools get free updates
  • Big-time Wi-Fi security for the small office

Part 3: Best practices: Protecting your data and devices everywhere

  • Protect your finances from online threats
  • Parental controls for online safety at home
  • Keeping your business data under lock and key
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