Free utility suite bundles over 100 tools

Ryan russell By Ryan Russell

A popular Windows utility maker offers its suite of apps as a single download with a new application launcher that makes picking and running a utility quick and easy.

The suite covers everything from an application-crash reporter to a Windows updates viewer — and over 100 other titles in between.

Make a portable troubleshooting toolkit

Software publisher Nirsoft is well known for its diverse selection of Windows utilities. Most recently, I wrote about its browser-inspection tool in my Jan. 21 column, and Windows Secrets has discussed other Nirsoft apps for the past several years. I’m fond of the company’s tools because they’re small, well designed, useful, and free!

Downloading and managing a bunch of small utilities can be a chore, but Nirsoft has packaged many of its most-useful apps into a single, 7.6MB download called NirLauncher (info page). To make selecting and running the apps as simple as possible, the company includes the NirLauncher app, which lists all the utilities in the suite and gives brief descriptions of what each does.

The launcher works on all Windows versions from Win 2000 on, though some of the individual utilities may have more-restrictive system requirements. Buttons at the top of the launcher display specific categories of utilities such as Network Monitoring Tools, Password Recovery Utilities, and Web Browser Tools.

These categories correspond roughly to the ones on Nirsoft’s Web site, so if you’ve downloaded a Nirsoft app in the past, it should be easy to find what you’re looking for in the launcher’s lists.

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