A fix for a Windows system-font problem

This story introduces a new and occasional feature in the Windows Secrets newsletter — quick tips to solve computing problems we and our readers run across while using our PCs.

The inaugural tip is about a font issue that cropped up recently.

Problem: Recently, I noticed that the menu fonts on one of my Windows 7 systems had suddenly shrunk to an almost unreadable size. It first showed up in Firefox, but I soon noticed it in Windows Explorer and other apps. In all cases, the content was a normal size.

Solution: I first assumed there was a problem with either the screen resolution or Windows text-magnification option. But fix proved to be in the Themes options (Control Panel/Personalization). I deleted the current theme and created a new custom theme. To do so, I selected the default “Window 7” Aero theme and then used the Desktop Background link to re-create my preferred background — a slide show of personal photos.

I still don’t know what caused the problem, but it might have started after I tried different Windows text-sizing options (Control Panel/Display). A Microsoft Community forum thread discusses a similar event.

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