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Bird-feeder challenge for yet another squirrel

Good thing squirrels don’t preserve their dignity at all costs. More of them would miss meals, and we’d lose out on lots of entertainment. The squirrel in this video seemed destined, at first, to conquer the anti-rodent design features built into the bird-feeder. He’s so agile — until he’s not. Despite the built-in intention to thwart squirrels, however, it seems unlikely that anyone would begrudge this one his consolation scattering of seeds.

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Thank you for providing your feedback.

Forty two uses for RSS/Atom feeds

Including some you would never have thought of. Many thanks to prolific contributor Andreas Büsing for this one.

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Of Blogs and Feeds

After launching the new Langa Blog ( ) and RSS feed
( ), we
received mail about using them, including this note:

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