Social bookmarks

Bookmarking sites let you link to the best articles

A social-bookmarking site lets users save links to articles on the Web. Many such services show the most-popular articles at the top of the listings.

The bookmarking sites that attract the most traffic include the following:

Digg, one of the 200 most-visited sites on the Web, according to Alexa, uses weighted voting to determine which stories rise to the top in eight major categories and numerous subcategories. More info, how to register (pronounced “delicious”) allows you to save and tag your favorite links, which you can keep to yourself or share with your friends or the world. More info, how to register

Reddit uses terser descriptions of articles than Digg, but encourages users to vote up or down on links, training the site to adapt to your likes and dislikes. More info, how to register

StumbleUpon offers nearly 500 topics to help users narrow their queries to the most relevant articles. More info, how to register

There are dozens of bookmarking sites, and it would be incredibly confusing for us to show icons and links to them all. For this reason, we’ve developed a link that lets you choose any bookmarking site you like:

Other takes you to a long list prepared by Once you register and indicate the bookmarking service you like, you won’t have to choose again. More info, how to register

Permalink shows you the permanent location of an article on the Web. This gives you a convenient way to send a link to an article in the body of an e-mail to a friend.

Initially, we’re offering links to Digg and other bookmarking services only at the end of our free content. In the future, we hope to find a way to help you bookmark our paid content, too.