The migration of the Windows Secrets Newsletter and Lounge to AskWoody.com has begun. As promised, the Penton/Informa media group has passed the baton back to the original creators of Windows Secrets–Susan, Fred, Tracey, Brian–the folks you’ve known and trusted for years. The new AskWoody Plus Newsletter will be both familiar and fresh, and it will live on a considerably more stable software foundation.

An important note to current Windows Secrets subscribers: Through the transition, your Windows Secrets renewal date remains unchanged. You don’t need to do anything. You’ll automatically receive the new AskWoody Plus Newsletter, along with breaking AskWoody Plus Alerts, until your current subscription runs out. At that point, we hope you’ll renew your AskWoody Plus account.

I expected to have the infrastructure for subscriptions and renewals up and working by January 2 but, in spite of a large team working furiously over the holidays, that hasn't happened–and I apologize profusely. Currently, it looks like we'll be ready on or before January 8, subject to the slings and arrows of outrageous implementation details. You know the tune.

In the interim, rest assured that your current Windows Secrets Newsletter subscription will be honored in its entirety, that you'll get the new AskWoody Plus Newsletter as soon as we can push it out the MailChimp door... and that we have some great new features that you can claim for free.

Thanks for hanging in there. I'll update this page as soon as we're ready.

Woody Leonhard