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MyUninstaller Pro

Why use My Uninstaller Pro?

  • Remove unwanted software programs
  • Remove leftover files, folders and registry entries
  • Stop unnecessary programs from running automatically at start up
  • Free up valuable disk space
  • Speed up shut-down by removing corrupt application files

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PC Tune Up

Why use PC Tune Up?

  • Breathes life into your computer
  • Speeds up your PC
  • Makes a quick backup of your system
  • Scans for bad files or errors
  • Clears clutter to increase space on hard drive
  • Conserves valuable resources

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My Privacy Cleaner

Why use My Privacy Cleaner?

  • Delete internet Search History and recently viewed web pages
  • Find and remove records of internet chat conversations including AOL MSN and Yahoo
  • Delete downloaded cookies which may be tracking your online activity
  • Remove all traces of downloaded music, movies and video
  • Shred important private documents to make sure they can't be recovered