A KaZaa Lite download link that works

A few issues back I mentioned the latest version of KaZaa Lite, the adware- and spyware-free version of the popular KaZaa file sharing client. Every week I get email from readers telling me that the link I gave to KaZaa Lite is now dead. Well, it’s true and so are many other similar links as the owners of KaZaa have been waging a systematic campaign to eliminate the product from the Internet. I’ve located a couple download links that actually work and, even better, I’ve also found some links to the latest version, KaZaa Lite Resurrection. Both KaZaa Lite and Resurrection are not only free of spyware but also offer advanced download acceleration together with inbuilt defenses against RIAA probes. These links could well be pulled down soon so, if you are into file sharing, grab a copy now while you can.

Final Version of KaZaa Lite, V2.43e (2.66MB) http://download.technet.cz/sw_mp3soft/klitekpp243e.exe http://gd.tuwien.ac.at/pc/bazar/kazaalite/klitekpp243e.exe

KaZaa Lite Resurrection (the latest version) (4.0MB) http://home-12.tiscali-business.nl/~tpm27014/mavol/KLR0075.exe http://www.supportcave.com/KLR0075.exe...

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