A screen saver that’s actually useful

Softvoile Virtual Teacher is a screensaver with a difference. Rather than simply display pleasant but mindless images like most screensavers it helps you learn a foreign language. It does this by flashing mometarily on the screen, key vocabulary along with the English translation. It can also display verbs and common phrases and pronounce the words as well if you wish. Virtual Teacher not only works in screensaver mode, it can also optionally display the same information in reduced size while you are actually using the computer. This product can’t teach you a language, you need a full language course for that, but anyone who is learning a language will find it a great aid in remembering and consolidating their vocabulary. The product comes with a fixed vocabulary set for 30 languages including Russian, English, Spanish, German and Italian but you can add your own additional vocabulary (or languages) if you wish. Shareware, $19.95, 15 day trial, 2.16MB http://vteacher.net/...

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