An apology from Gizmo

I’ve been having terrible trouble delivering this newsletter in recent months because certain webmail providers, notably Yahoo, have been blocking delivery of the newsletter from my list server.
In frustration I wrote at the end of August to all affected subscribers telling them what they could do to ensure future delivery.

Unfortunately I made an error and the email was sent to a much wider group including a number of subscribers who had never had problems receiving their newsletter.

I apologize to these subscribers for having caused unnecessary concern. The error was no one’s fault but mine.

At least something good came out of it. You now have a healthier appreciation that when it comes to computers, I can make as many mistakes as other folks :>)

One of the suggestions I mentioned to ensure delivery was to use my free RSS notification service [1] to let you know when each premium monthly issue is published. For those without RSS I suggested they make use of a free third party notification service [2] that’s email based.

Even if you have been reliably getting this newsletter I still recommend you use a notification service. It’s a useful backup and it doesn’t cost you a cent. You can subscribe using the links below.

[1] => RSS
[2] => email notification...

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