Another top freeware program bites the dust

KeyNote has long been regarded as one of the best outliners available but all development work has now stopped. The author Marek Jedlinski has outlined why in a polite and graceful exit note but I suspect the underlying reason is the demanding and ungrateful attitude of some freeware consumers. This is a message I hear repeatedly from freeware developers. Programmer David Brown summed it up nicely in a recent email: "I’ve put hundreds of hours of my own time into this utility and all I get is abusive letters saying why doesn’t it do this or do that or how the program is just junk or rubbish. I’ve had enough – they can go write their own programs." I concur. Every day I get rude and hostile email about the programs I recommend on my "46 Best-ever Freeware" list. It’s water off a ducks back to me but I sure understand how the program developers must feel.


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