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Paul Lawrence, one the volunteer category editors for the "Best-ever Freeware" Wiki project, recently sent me this email:

 "Gizmo, quality freeware video editors are hard to come by. Most are overly complicated, and hard to use, unstable, or lack a good set of features. VideoSpin (freeware) is a new software package created by Pinnacle Systems, the makers of the very popular Pinnacle Studio. It is very easy to use, has a slick well organized interface, a good set of transitions, a title creator, and other nice features. It creates video in several popular formats including .flv so you can upload your videos directly to the web."

Nice find Paul, but I have some reservations: First up, this is a big download – 149MB with all the Codecs. Second, it wouldn’t install on my test PC – the installation just hung. Yet on another of my PCs it installed without problem. Third, the Codecs are not free, they are only provided on a 15 day trial basis.

But you are quite right; it is very easy to use and that is a real plus. I’m no video dude but I managed to edit two short videos a relative had sent me without even reading the manual. In fact, I’d rate VideoSpin as the most user friendly freeware video editor I’ve used.

However if you mainly process AVI files then you should also check out VirtualDub [2]. It’s not quite as easy to use but it’s free, has video capture and has a more established user base.

VideoSpin: Freeware, Windows XP, Vista, 2.3MB, 149MB with Codec pack.


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