Free keylogger detector

Is someone logging your keyboard keystrokes right now? Probably not but if you want to find out for sure then run this tiny free utility that will scan for any software based keylogger running on your PC. I was a bit suspicious of this program at first because my natural paranoia made me think, "But what if this utility is actually itself a keylogger?" After testing it with several different anti-spyware and anti-trojan programs I assured myself that it was in fact perfectly kosher. With that established I found that it worked well and, while not the slickest of programs, it did detect the presence of all four different commercial keyloggers I happened to have available at the time. That’s a pretty impressive performance. KL-Detector doesn’t require installing so it makes a nice addition to your toolkit CD or flash USB drive. Freeware, Windows 2000 and later, 35KB.

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