Free local search utility shines

A utility that can quickly search the content of your emails, Word documents and other files is arguably the most important productivity aid you can install on your PC. There are several excellent search programs around such as X1 and Enfish but they are relatively expensive products. Thanks to subscriber Lex Davidson for prompting me to look at the free Copenernic Desktop Search utility. It’s some time since I last reviewed this and in the interim huge improvements have been made. First, it’s stable and fast. Second, it allows you index a huge range of file types including PDF, Office, Outlook, Outlook Express and RTF.  Third, it indexes file names as well as file contents so it’s great for quickly locating lost files. Finally, it presents the results in a really easy-to-use format.  No, the search interface is not quite as slick as X1, nor is it quite as well integrated into Office as Enfish, but otherwise it does a first class job. (2.3MB)

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