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If you want to make use of the new Support Alert RSS feeds you’ll need an RSS Reader of one sort or another. There’s no shortage of options with dozens of stand-alone products on the market but one of the sweetest ways to access RSS is through your browser. Firefox users can subscribe to and read RSS feeds using the built-in Live Bookmarks feature. Use the first link below for a simple tutorial [1]. However Live Bookmarks is a bit minimal and most users would be better off installing a full Firefox RSS extension. Sage [2] is the safest bet for most users though some may prefer Pluck [3] because it allows you to store your feeds and bookmarks on a central server which you can then access from any PC. However, the centralized storage causes Pluck to run slower than Sage which stores information locally. Internet Explorer users can use also use Pluck as there’s an IE add-in available. In fact, the IE version has more features than the Firefox version. If you want a stand-alone reader, check out two free, third generation aggregators BlogBridge [4] and GreatNews [5]. Those wanting to integrate RSS with Microsoft Outlook email might like to try RSS Popper [5].


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