How a subscriber got RoboForm for one cent

In last month’s Premium edition I mentioned the CheckOutFree system [1] used by many sites [2], [3], [4] where you can get free copies of premium software by agreeing to buy or take out trial versions of other products that are being promoted . Now I’m well aware that you subscribers are a smart bunch, but this email from subscriber Brad Hayashi had me smiling in admiration. "Gizmo, I used CheckOutFree to get a free RoboForm. One of the offers was to give eBay a try. I gave it a try by creating a new user ID, and I did a search for anything with a starting bid of $0.01. I found one that was ending in 3 hours for an electronic download of a Dickenson novel (public domain, of course). Bought it for $0.01 and got RoboForm for free. Of course, I didn’t even bother to download the novel."
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