How to analyze your Internet sessions

Most users (and a lot of techies) have no real need for packet sniffers like Ethereal.  Still, often it’s useful to know more detail about what’s happening in an HTTP session than what is provided by your browser status bar. There are various ways of doing this but the easiest is to use a specialist browser plug- in designed to display http requests and responses alongside the web page itself. Without doubt the best of this class of products I’ve seen is HttpWatch, a superb analytic tool that lets you fully understand what’s happening in your HTTP sessions. Though, at $195, it’s mainly of interest to corporate buyers. Another product, IEwatch provides the key information you need, and at $29.95 is priced within the reach of the average user. Almost as good and totally free is ieHTTPHeaders, an IE plug-in that adds an Explorer bar to display HTTP information. (747KB)  (459KB) (117KB)...

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