How to identify and fix dead pixels

Subscriber "David in Mississippi" writes "Gizmo, here’s a small program that allows you to check your LCD screen for dead pixels. A dead pixel can be black, white, or stuck on any color. It can be caused by a mote of dust in the manufacturing process or a small bump on the screen. And many LCD manufacturers will replace one under warranty if it has a certain number of dead pixels. However, before you can claim on your warranty you need to know if you have any. Because dead pixels can be any color, you need to look for them against several different colors on screen. This 288KB utility [1] allows you to do just that. This program runs directly from the .exe file, requiring no installation, making it perfect for thumb drive utility sets. Also, while the website lists it as working on Windows 98/Me/2000/XP, I just tried it on Vista and it works fine."
Thanks for that, David. Subscribers may be interested in knowing that it is possible to "un-stick" dead pixels. This site [2] shows you how. The claimed success rate is around 60%.

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