How to keep connected to the Internet

Subscriber Chris Mar writes "Gizmo, I’m among a huge number of disappointed Internet users who keep losing internet connectivity. It seems that this may be a function of the ISP as well as other unnecessarily complex or redundant security measures in the Administrative Services. Normally to resolve this I have to use the Network Connection Repair tool to re- establish the seemingly broken link but recently I ran across an excellent app called Connection Keeper by Greg Wittmeyer, CEO of Gammadyne Corporation [1]. It is a free download and has solved my connection problems. What a joy; no more endless cycles with the Repair tool or getting stuck after I get up to stretch my legs to come back to find the little Network Connection icons lifelessly staring into blank space." Thanks for that, Chris. You are quite right; internet disconnection problems are very common. However the causes are many and range from simple ISP based inactivity timeouts and line noise problems right through to complex TCP stack issues. Using Connection Keeper is an excellent first line of attack. It keeps connections alive by regularly communicating with your ISP even during periods of sustained inactivity. It won’t solve all disconnection problems but many users will find it provides a simple free solution. Freeware, all Windows versions, 2.56MB.


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