How to overcome update problems updating AVG anti-virus

The free AVG anti-virus scanner is a life saver for those folks who can’t afford a commercial AV product. However, many folks experience problems accessing the Grisoft server to get the AV signature file updates. Outlined below is a procedure (based on material from that shows you how to work around the problem.   A. Navigate to your AVG install directory and rename your existing url.ini file to url.iniold.

B. Copy and paste the following text between the dotted lines into notepad.  Don’t copy the dotted lines themselves.

————————— [SERVER_NAME]

[SERVER_URL] 1= 3= Actual URL=3 —————————   C. Save the text in your AVG install directory as url.ini.

D. From AVG, you’ll now have 3 server options to connect to, with being the default. If one server doesn’t work, try the others. Problem solved!...

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