How to remove JPG metadata

Chances are your digital camera saves images in .JPG format. What might surprise you, though, is just how much data is contained in the .JPG file in addition to the actual picture. Depending on your camera, and whatever application you might have used on your computer to edit the file, there might also be a reduced thumbnail image as well as a whole host of metadata. The metadata contains details of your camera, the date and time that the picture was taken, the exposure settings, and other facts that are often irrelevant (not to mention a privacy breach) if the picture is to be put on a public web site. JPG Extra allows you to remove unwanted data from .jpg files, in order to improve your privacy and to reduce the amount of space that they occupy. It’ll also make them download faster from your web site too, of course. The evaluation version is free. If you intend to keep the program, you’re asked to make a donation of whatever you think the program is worth. Windows XP/Vista.

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