Image converter handles 340+ formats

Promoted as an advanced batch image converter for the ‘Power User’, I found that this program lived up to the claims.  Almost every conceivable image format is supported and a good basic array of image editing tools is offered. This "no fuss" converter uses script to perform high volume conversions and/or combine batch conversion with image editing. A command line utility allows the advanced user to process image files in console mode. Anyone who works with images on a regular basis should check it out. Shareware $39.95 (3.01MB) NOTE: This review is the first from volunteer reviewer Annie Scrimshaw. Annie came to my attention via her knowledgeable contributions as a moderator at and past moderator at I welcome Annie to Support Alert and I’m sure we’ll all benefit from her future contributions. You?ll know them by the initials A.S. at the end of her reviews.

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