Microsoft and Google move toward cloud computing

Microsoft has announced a Beta website [1] for its grandiose Mesh Network that promises to provide online access to your desktop and files, and sync this across your PC and mobile devices. We have been promised this before by Microsoft [2] so it’s nothing to get very excited about.

I’m more impressed with Google’s incremental approach than another grand Microsoft scheme. Since the end of March they have been progressively rolling out offline access to Google Docs word-processing [3] along with seamless on-line synchronizing using Google Gears.

In plain English that means you can either write online or offline using Google Docs and it doesn’t matter asthe results will be automatically synchronized when you go online. It’s just only works for Docs at the moment but other apps will follow.

I tried it and it essentially provides all I need, and unlike Microsoft’s offering, it’s here now. Well, almost here. It will only be here for you when you see the "Offline" option appear in the upper right-hand toolbar when you login to Google Apps. Thanks to JW for link [2].


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