Microsoft shuts down AutoPatcher

AutoPatcher [1] is a free service that allows users to download a single file containing all Windows monthly updates released since the last service patch. It is an enormously useful service that saves users with a new PC the tedious task of spending hours connected to the web to download patches from Windows Update. Not any more. Microsoft has forced AutoPatcher to shut down.
I just can’t understand Microsoft. The company is already widely disliked for its business practices and moves like this can only further antagonize computer users. No wonder Apple is doing so well. Now for some good news: The last AutoPatcher releases are still available via BitTorrent from here [2] and elsewhere. I suggest you go grab a copy while you can. I just downloaded the core August 2007 update for XP SP2 and have all 248MB burnt to a CD and safely stored away for future use.

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