Online service converts bitmap images to vector graphics

Most images you see on the web are bitmaps. They are like pictures made up of lots of tiny dots. Common examples include GIF and JPG files. Vector graphic based images are not made of dots but rather sets of lines along with instructions how these lines are to be drawn. The great advantage of vector images is that the images can be magnified with little loss in quality. There are many "rasterization" programs that will convert vector images into bitmaps, but few that can reliably convert bitmaps into vector images. This site [1], recommended by long-time subscriber S.L., does just that. It’s not totally free but you do get two free conversions before you have to pay. Supported input bitmap formats include JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF and PSD, while output vector images can be in EPS, SVG, PDF or PNG formats.

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