The best free anti-trojan scanner

Ewido is the best of a new crop of anti-Trojan programs. On my recent tests over at, it emerged as one of the few products that could reliably detect polymorphic and process injecting Trojans that were totally missed by anti-virus products like Norton and AVG.  No, it’s not as good as TDS-3 or Trojan Hunter but you get what you pay for. You see, the free version of Ewido doesn?t have a memory monitor but the on-demand scanner is so good that you’ll have no complaints. The free version download is actually the same as the paid version but after 14 days the memory monitor becomes non-functional. I recommend all readers download the product and scan their PCs weekly. I suspect you may be surprised at what you will find. I’ve also included a link to my full Ewido review for those who want to know more about the product prior to downloading.  Note Ewido is for Windows NT/2K/XP only. Windows 9x/ME users should check out another anti-trojan called A squared. It’s an excellent alternative to Ewido.  (2.2MB) (A squared)...

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