Turn your laptop or PC into a serious alarm clock

There is no shortage of programs that will sound an alarm on your PC at a particular time. They may be fine for getting your attention while you are sitting in front of your PC, but they are generally useless for the much more demanding task of waking you up when you are sleeping. This free alarm clock utility called "Banshee Screamer", suggested by subscriber Cheryl Rainfield, has a simple but annoying alarm sound that will wake the soundest of sleepers. It’s just an electronic sound, there are no Banshees here, but it works. If you want something more aggressive you can install whatever alarm sound you want. "Banshee Screamer" has the additional advantage over many computer alarms in that it looks like a traditional digital alarm clock which will be a comfort for novice computer users. There are many fancier alarm clocks around but "Banshee Screamer" has a compelling combination of simplicity and effectiveness.

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