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The Internet can be a dangerous place especially in light of the recent incidents which involved a series of celebrity photo hacks. We think these security guides, based on stories from the Windows Secrets archives, can help you make it significantly safer. This bundle includes top information on Online Security poured in 3 successful guides: The PC Security Guide and the Data and Internet Security Guides volumes 1 and 2.

The PC Security Guide

This is a concise e-book that provides simple and straight forward advice for secure computing. It’s designed to give you the fundamental tools you’ll need to protect your PC and personal information from most online threats. Read more »

The Data and Internet Security Guide – Volume 1

Volume I begins with the fundamentals of online security; the dos and don’ts of working online. Next, we give you some background on the issues of cyber-attacks and malware. We’ll explain terms, trends, and tips for understanding Internet security and why it’s important to you. Finally, we’ll give you tips and tricks for protecting yourself as you navigate the Internet. We’ll walk you through blocking web-trackers, securing your data, and everything else you’ll need to know to have peace of mind. Read more »

The Data and Internet Security Guide – Volume 2

Volume 2, takes computing security to the next level. It starts with a quick review of security basics and then delves into advanced topics such as encryption, password recovery, and malware removal – important knowledge for anyone who wants or needs to keep sensitive information truly secure. Read more »

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