The Windows 7 Guide, volume 1 (e-book)

Setting up, optimizing, and using your Win7 system

Windows 7 Guide, Volume 1 

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Since Windows 7’s release, Windows Secrets has rapidly accumulated and published a huge amount of hands-on information about this newest Windows version.

You can find it all in the archives, of course. But there’s so much information there, it can take some time to dig out exactly what you’re looking for, especially with a large topic like setting up Windows 7.

That’s where this Windows 7 Setup Guide e-book comes in. It contains Windows Secrets’ very best articles on installing, setting up, and first using Windows 7.

As usual, this Windows Secrets information doesn’t merely re-state what’s readily available in user manuals and common online sources. Rather, this information expands on, clarifies, and improves upon the standard information that you already have access to and know about.

In the Windows Secrets Windows 7 Setup Guide, you’ll learn better ways to:

  • Install or upgrade to Windows 7
  • Optimize your new Win7 setup for safety and ease of use
  • Get up to speed, fast!

Each section of this e-book contains multiple articles, but all the articles are self-contained and stand on their own. You can read this e-book as separate articles, or in sections, or as an e-book that you read front to back — you’ll get good information, whichever way you choose.

We think you’ll find the Windows 7 Setup Guide’s thematic approach a useful complement to the normal broad sweep of information appearing every week in the Windows Secrets Newsletter.

A special thanks to Fred Langa for his work in compiling this e-book, thanks Fred!

Happy Windows 7 computing!

Table of Contents

Part 1: The very best ways to install or upgrade to Windows 7

  • Get your current system ready for a Windows 7 upgrade
  • Dump the applications you no longer use
  • The absolutely safest way to upgrade to Win7
  • Back up your data and create the dual-boot system
  • Move your data to the new Win7 partition
  • When ready, toss out the old Windows partition
  • The clean-install option
  • Easily clean an XP PC for a new Win7 install
  • Bonus Info: Install Windows 7 many times from one USB drive
  • When USB installation beckons for Windows 7

Part 2: Optimizing your new Win7 setup

  • Seven simple steps to setting up Windows 7
  • 1 – Get rid of the preinstalled junk software
  • 2 – Free does not always mean useless
  • 3 – Change Windows settings for safety
  • 4 – Need it or not, set up a Windows homegroup
  • 5 – Install the basic helper applications
  • 6 – Add useful but unobtrusive utilities
  • 7 – Get your backups working.
  • The following article gets you started on your first Win7 backups, and more.
  • 10 great ‘Do these first’ tweaks for Windows 7
  • Build a rock-solid safety net for Win7
  • Make Windows 7 run faster, work better

Part 3: Get up to speed — fast!

  • Twenty-six ways to work faster in Windows 7
  • Seven fast ways to open a folder
  • Seven ways to alter the desktop with a keystroke
  • Five ways to launch an application
  • Three mouse-free ways to select a program
  • Two Windows Explorer shift + right-click tricks
  • One way to copy/move files to an unopened place
  • A complete guide to Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts
  • Better than shortcuts: Windows Aero tricks
  • Quick cures for the worst Windows 7 annoyances
  • Make the most of Windows 7’s Libraries
  • Powerful, custom searches via Win 7 Libraries
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