Avoid holiday media headaches

By Brian Livingston

As the holiday season rises to a fever pitch, you may be thinking about buying someone – or buying for yourself – some cool new digital media geegaw. If so, you need to know about Bruce Kratofil’s BugBlog and its December Entertainment Special.

Kratofil (a co-author with me of Windows 2000 Secrets) has put together a jolly Web page chock-full of the problems and incompatibilities you’ll run into when using the latest video and audio goodies. Some of theseglitches are hilarious, if you happen to be reading about them before you’ve bought the product.

Let’s take a peek at a few examples:

XP SP1 chokes on USB devices.
If you stream media from a high-speed, USB 2.0 device – such as a video camera – to a PC with XP Service Pack 1 installed, the PC may slow to a crawl. For example, USB speakers may stop playing, or a USB mouse may become useless.

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