Become a patch-management expert

The days are long gone when we could just install Windows and never change it once we got everything working. Now, we’re faced with a different reality.

Smoothly handling a continuous series of upgrades — for Windows and many other pieces of software — is the key to keeping our computers safe from hackers and compatible with the latest technologies.

Patch management has become a crucial and in-demand skill in today’s world. So I’m excited that a new e-book has just been published that gives PC users and administrators a world-class education on the subject. Best of all, the company behind the e-book is giving it away for free.

Patch management best practices Patch Management Best Practices is a 100-page, printable PDF file containing six chapters. The authors are Anne Stanton, president of the Norwich Group, a business-process consulting service, and Susan Bradley, a high-tech CPA and a contributing editor of the Windows Secrets Newsletter, whose Windows Patch Watch Column appears in the paid version.

The e-book is sponsored by and is being given away by Ecora Software Corp., the maker of Ecora Patch Manager, a serious upgrade-management solution. I was pleased to see, to the company’s credit, that the e-book contains almost nothing about Ecora and its products. Stanton and Bradley have focused on the facts Windows admins need on patch management — they haven’t written anything that could be considered an ad for the sponsor.

Patch Management Best Practices has emerged chapter-by-chapter over the past several months as the coauthors built up their information-rich resource. If you visit the Ecora home page today, the company still links to a giveaway offer for Chapter 4, for some reason. I advise you to ignore that and get the full e-book as soon as possible. 

Stanton and Bradley shatter the myth that only Windows needs regular patching. They give their readers a much broader understanding of the challenges that face every networked company:

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