Don’t pay for software you don’t need — Part 3

Woody leonhard By Woody Leonhard

In the first two installments of this series, I stepped you through a boatload of software that you don’t need if you have Windows 7.

Many of you wrote to me in disbelief — some of you disagreed in very strong terms. But from what I’ve seen, most of the add-on software that people buy for Windows is just a waste of money.

Those two articles also generated one of the largest and most interesting online discussions in recent history on the Windows Secrets Lounge. Some of you have problems with specific Windows 7 features — most prominently, backup features — and I can sympathize with that. There are problems with Win7.

Frustrating troubles crop up with any software. I doubt that anyone would argue that a specific third-party backup program, for example, works flawlessly on every system. Windows is in the same boat. It ain’t infallible.

One reader accused me of “stirring the pot,” and I salute him! That’s exactly what I’m doing. It’s time for us Windows 7 users to stop taking advice based on the workings of ancient software (measured in Internet time) or on rumors reverberating over the years in the Windows echo chamber. You should demand proof that the product you plan to buy works — works in a situation just like yours — before you shell out any hard-earned bucks, bolivars, or baht.

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