LangaList is merging with Windows Secrets

Brian livingston By Brian Livingston

I have important news for everyone who uses Windows. The LangaList — a respected e-mail newsletter that’s uncovered the tips and tricks of Microsoft’s operating system for nine years — is merging with the Windows Secrets Newsletter.

The first merged issue will be published on Nov. 16, 2006. At that time, our 140,000+ readers will be joined by another 140,000 or so from the LangaList. After eliminating duplicate e-mail addresses, we’ll be sending the combined publication to 272,483 subscribers.

That’s more than a quarter million Windows aficionados. Our enlarged reader base will help us bring you even better behind-the-scenes reporting on Windows.

Fred langa Fred Langa (left) has been the editor of the LangaList since its inception. He’s a hard-working journalist and one of the best-known names in the computer press. You may remember him as editor-in-chief of Byte Magazine until 1991. After that, he was vice president and editorial director of CMP Media, overseeing Windows Magazine and other CMP publications from 1991 to 1997.

Fred has agreed to become the editor of the combined publication, beginning on Nov. 16. I’m becoming editorial director. Fred will continue to write his great advice on running Windows, which will appear in every issue of the merged newsletter. I’ll continue to write and will supervise all aspects of the publication.

When Chris Pirillo, editor of, heard that Fred and I would be working together, he wrote on Oct. 31 that it will create a "publishing powerhouse." We hope to live up to that praise. For more on our joint efforts, see Fred’s Oct. 30 LangaList. And for more on Fred, including the National Magazine Awards he’s won for editorial excellence, see his bio page.

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