Live from Comdex: Windows winners

By Brian Livingston

LAS VEGAS – PC Magazine announced here on Monday evening the latest winners of its annual Technical Excellence Awards, as it has done in a hotel auditorium at the Comdex computer show for many years. Comdex this time around was almost the smallest show ever – with the management actually charging $50 to $100 for some exhibit-only tickets, the registered crowd amounted to only about 50,000. That’s down from more than a quarter of a million before the dot-com bubble burst (although it seemed to me back then that the entire population of California had somehow been jammed into the exhibit halls and taxis).

The smaller army of gawkers, however, made Comdex more focused than before – I saw no sign of the La-Z-Boy recliners that were pitched to passing technology buyers in the past.

This clarity of purpose was evident in PC Mag’s awards, too. Despite the downturn in startups lately, the magazine’s editors managed to find plenty of new technology to bestow trophies to, including several that are of particular interest to Windows pros. The editor’s picks won’t appear in PC Mag until the Dec. 30 print edition of the publication, but here’s a peek at the best stuff right now:


VMWare ESX Server 2 and Virtual SMP. This software enables you to host up to eight different operating systems, including multiple copies of any single OS, on a single server. With its Virtual SMP add-on, you can allow any of the virtual servers to use the processing resources of two or more CPUs.

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