Near-certain ways to improve PC startup times

Fred Langa

Four free tools offer safe and certain ways to pare your boot times to the minimum.

The process takes a little time and effort, but if you follow the steps outlined here, better boot times are all but guaranteed!

PC startup times are clearly a hot-button issue for many Windows Secrets readers. In the July 12 Top Story, “House Call 2012: One family, four PCs,” a passing mention of a semi-automated, boot-time improvement tool brought a flood of e-mail that continues to this day.

Using that tool — Soluto (free; site) — I trimmed the boot time of one House Call PC by 25 percent. But Soluto is not a panacea, and it has too many serious drawbacks to merit a general recommendation for routine use.

In fact, Soluto requires so many caveats that I devoted the entire Aug. 16 LangaList Plus column to discussing Soluto’s pros and cons. I also showed how to use it — when it does make sense to do so.

But that raises a question: If not Soluto, then what’s the best general-purpose way to optimize boot times?

The solution isn’t automated, but it is tried and true. It’s also relatively easy, though it will take some time.

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