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Robert vamosi By Robert Vamosi

Our monthly update of the Windows Secrets Security Baseline focuses on malware suites — all-in-one commercial packages that fight viruses, spam, spyware, and malware that’s still unknown — plus suites you assemble yourself.

Regardless of your skill level — beginner, intermediate, or advanced user — you should be able to find security protection that’s right for your needs.

In the past, security suites have been roundly criticized for their deleterious effects on PC performance and because they were often difficult to uninstall. From the e-mails we receive, the dislike for paid AV suites runs deep among long-time PC users.

But over the last decade, I’ve probably reviewed almost any antivirus product you could name, and I’m here to tell you that today’s Internet security suites use fewer resources than their predecessors and most are much easier to remove. That’s an achievement, given the ever-more sophisticated threats these applications face. Though they started out combating simple viruses, they must now include tools to fight spam, spyware, and malware that’s still unknown.

Most of today’s top-rated suites charge $30 to $70 a year to protect up to three PCs. The suites discussed in this article all support Windows XP, Vista, and Win7.

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