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Brian livingston By Brian Livingston

Our online forum, the Windows Secrets Lounge, is a great warehouse of computer knowledge — but sometimes it’s a bit hard to find the single best page you need out of the 125,000 discussion threads our members have contributed.

That’s why our developers are launching this week a significant improvement to the Lounge — a way to cast votes for the posts you consider the most useful and, in so doing, help others find them.

We’re always trying to make Lounge threads as findable as possible. WS technical editor Tracey Capen reported last week that Google has now indexed as many as 170,000 Lounge pages. (For many years, the old site had banned search engines entirely.) And our own Advanced Search form gives you even-better targeting than Google: you can look for posts in particular topics (forums), by specific members, by date range, or by any combination of these.

But we wanted to add a way that you — and all Lounge members — could indicate with the single click of a mouse those posts you’ve found most helpful.

Did a post help you? Give it a thumbs-up!

Starting today, any Lounge member who is signed in can click a button at the bottom of any post and give it one thumbs-up point. The total number of points the post has received from all members is displayed on the right side of the button {in curly braces}, as shown in Figure 1. (The score is visible whether you’re signed in or not.)

Thumbs-up button Figure 1 shows how the button looks before and after you click it.

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