Putting Registry-/system-cleanup apps to the test

Fred langa By Fred Langa

The most contentious software category has to be PC-system/Registry cleaners. Some users find them invaluable; other users consider them worse than useless.

A series of controlled experiments puts these apps to the test — and turns up some surprises.

Many Windows programs are still sloppy about their uninstall process, leaving behind digital debris. In older versions of Windows, this situation was a known cause of trouble.

Leftover, “orphaned” files waste space on your hard drive and create extra work for Windows when it performs indexing, searching, defragging, backups, or other file-related operations.

Leftover Registry entries similarly inflate the Registry — to no useful purpose. Erroneous Registry entries can create system instabilities and crashes, and a bloated Registry might needlessly slow down system startup and shutdown.

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