Security Baseline provides basic PC protection

Robert vamosi By Robert Vamosi

The Windows Secrets Security Baseline describes products and services that serve as a minimum safe PC configuration.

This week, I’m updating the latest findings on a set of hardware and software that should meet the needs of individual PC users, though more-advanced users and large businesses may want a more-sophisticated approach to computer defense.

It sometimes seems like we spend more time protecting our PCs than actually using them. Sadly, in the modern computer age our systems are under continuous attack. Even worse, those attacks take ever-new approaches to break into our PCs and steal our personal data.

Fortunately, you can put the odds against becoming a malware victim decidedly in your favor by taking a few relatively simple precautions. That’s the purpose of the WS Security Baseline. Windows Secrets doesn’t have a test lab and ordinarily doesn’t test hardware, so we analyze the results of independent labs to determine which products provide a balance of security and convenience for individual PC users.

The baseline’s four components are a hardware firewall that’s built into your router, security software that guards against all types of malware threats, a software-update service to ensure that your applications are patched against the latest exploits, and a secure browser.

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