Seven simple steps for setting up Windows 7

Woody leonhard By Woody Leonhard

When you’re the designated alpha geek for your family, friends — and maybe the office, too — you know certain duties come with the territory.

One of those duties is setting up new PCs. Here’s my quick-and-easy checklist of tasks to do it right.

It usually starts out with something like this: “Hey, I just got a new PC! You know all about ’em — could you help me set it up?”

If you’re lucky, the invitation comes attached to a satisfying supply of leftover turkey sandwiches, pecan pie, and cold beer; if you aren’t so lucky, it’s take-out pizza and warm soda. But whatever the inducements, you know full well you’re on the hook.

You could easily write a book about setting up Windows 7. (Come to think of it, I have.) But after setting up a hundred or so Windows 7 PCs, under a wide variety of circumstances, I’ve developed some specific steps to make setting up a new Win7 system as painless as possible — a sanity-saving checklist, if you will.

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Woody Leonhard

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