Simple change in settings pumps up Win7 networks

Fred langa By Fred Langa

Windows 7 has many good things going for it, but home networking is not always one of them.

But with just two quick clicks within Win7’s Advanced sharing settings, you can improve your local network throughput by as much as 12%.

Windows 7 is the best Windows I’ve ever used, and I’ve used them all since version 1.0. But, like all software, it’s not perfect. One of the oddest glitches I’ve encountered with Microsoft’s newest OS is erratic local-networking performance. Occasionally and for no obvious reason, a Win7 LAN connection will slow to a crawl — giving you that less-than-nostalgic feeling that you’ve gone back to a dial-up connection.

The problem seems completely random; I’ve never been able to reliably reproduce it. But I’ve seen the problem enough to know it’s not some figment of my imagination. And even when everything’s operating normally, I’ve had a sneaking suspicion that my Win7 networking is running slower than it should.

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