Solve your XP network headaches

By Brian Livingston

My readers have discovered some severe problems with Windows XP exhibiting maddeningly slow printing and file copying on a mixed network with Win 2000 and Win 9x machines. Fortunately, we’ve also diagnosed some causes and found some cures.

First, let’s emphasize that these slowdowns are not related to the problem caused by installing patch MS03-013 on Win XP with Service Pack 1, as reported in the May 8 issue of Brian’s Buzz (see “XP, IE, and OE patches cause their own problems“).

Microsoft on May 28 released a corrected patch that cleared this up, as I reported in the paid version of my June 5 issue (see the section entitled “Microsoft officially corrects the XP patch slowdown problem“).

By contrast, the type of XP network slowdowns that we’re discussing here are described by reader John Meyer:

  • “File copies between Win 98/Me and Win XP machines are slow when the copy operations are initiated on XP, but fast when initiated on a 98 machine.

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