Some versions of Windows 7 worth it, others not

Woody leonhard By Woody Leonhard

With the arrival of Windows 7’s release to manufacturing (RTM) imminent, my inbox is teeming with questions about the next version of every PC user’s favorite whipping boy.

You need to make a few key decisions to ensure that you pick the Windows 7 version that best meets your needs.

It’s safe to say the Vista version of Windows didn’t setthe world on fire, though it inflamed more than a few PC users. It’s putting it politely to say there’s pent-up demand for Vista’s successor, Windows 7.

Before you can determine which of the many versions of Win7 is right for your computing situation, however, you need to know the strengths and weaknesses of each option.

I’ve recently given you more than one heads-up on what to look for. My May 14 Top Story described two important new features of Windows 7: Homegroups and Libraries. My June 4 article discussed the limitations imposed by the Win7 Starter Edition. How to remove Internet Explorer from Windows 7 was the topic of my June 18 Woody’s Windows column. Finally, my July 2 column covered the deep discounts that Microsoft was offering on Windows 7 upgrades.

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