Symantec edges out ZoneAlarm in Security Baseline

Scott dunn By Scott Dunn

Symantec’s security suite has gained more first-place awards from respected test labs than the well-known ZoneAlarm suite, pushing Symantec into the top spot in our WSN Security Baseline.

We publish the baseline and update it whenever our analysis of the recommendations of leading PC publications and Web sites changes.

Symantec suite garners most editor’s choice awards

Windows Secrets has no test lab of its own and usually doesn’t benchmark products. Instead, we analyze the test results published by numerous computer authorities, such as PC Magazine and PC World. We summarize our findings in the Security Baseline to help individual and small-business PC users see at a glance the add-ons that are needed to protect against malware.

Today, the minimum requirements to protect an Internet-connected computer fall into three categories:

  • A hardware firewall, which is usually built into a router;
  • A software security suite, including an inbound-outbound software firewall (which is the only firewall possible for portable devices); and
  • A patch-management tool to help you remain current with the latest updates.
Since last update of the Security Baseline, a number of sources have published comparative reviews of security suites.

Norton internet security The highest rated package in two of these collective reviews is Symantec Norton Internet Security 2008 (left, street price about U.S. $50 for three installs). The product garnered an Editor’s Choice from both PC Magazine and PC World. Computer Shopper, however, was less impressed; in its comparison of six security suites, Symantec’s product tied for last place.

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